Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yarn, yarn, yarn

How many people feel the way I do about yarn? I love yarn. I don't just love it, I never get tired of it. I love to touch it, to smell it, feeeel it, knit with it, dye it, spin it, buy it! I love to hoard it, store it, crochet with it, play with it, tie it, read about it, decorate with it, stare at it... okay am I starting to sound yarn crazy yet? I daydream about yarn, sad? yes I know. I am at peace when I am doing something with my yarn, each one has a purpose and it is waiting for that purpose to be discovered, and fulfilled. I truly have a speacial and unique relationship with each one of my yarns.
Here are the last few of my special precious ones.
This is a two ply chunky merino:

Camel silk, and a two ply angora:

Gggorgeous handpainted sock yarn:

And lastly here is a cushy soft merino bunch of fiber that I have yet to spin:

Oh, by the way, besides my coveting these yarns, none have been spoken for....

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