Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well, it has been a year since my last post. Sorry.. I haven't been doing a lot of super creative stuff lately mostly because of being busy at school and we had our big trip to Washington and Slovakia last summer and then the kids and I were all back at school again right away when we got back. Susanna just finished her first grade year at L'Etoile du Nord French Immersion school and Jonah just finished Kindergarten there as well. It is so cute to hear them speaking French to each other. The have little differences in how they speak it but one thing is for sure, that they are both adorable. Minka is a little nervous to start there in the fall this year but I think that she will quickly get into and be excited too. We are signing them up for the French Immersion day camp this summer which is a nice introduction to getting ready for school there, as well as a nice bridge for the older kids to keep them brushed up for when they go back in the fall.
Lately I have been having lots of mom problems. I wanted this blog to be mostly upbeat and about lots of crafty cool stuff and mom and kids stuff too so I will share a little. Plus my counselor thinks that I should be journaling how I am doing sometimes so this is probably a good way to do both and keep this blog a little more updated.
I actually quit school in the middle of the semester during the spring semester because I was really struggling with the double life of mom and student. Sometimes I feel like a failure at both but I know that the truth is that I need to be realistic about what is healthy for me to be doing at each point in my life... and at that point it was either schoolwork suffers, or my relationship and effective caregiving of my children suffers. I chose the kids to not suffer of course. It has been really good for me to have a slight break during the rest of the spring and now I am back at classes again for this summer. After the anxiety I had been having it was a really difficult choice for me to start up school again but I believe that it was just the challenge that I needed to push myself with and I am glad I did. SSSOooooo close to the finish line..... Hopefully I will graduate this winter or next spring. Then, I'm not sure yet what comes next. I probably should start looking for that job, or ... am I crazy to think about starting on a Master's right away? I do have some goals and does waiting really make a helpful step towards those goals? It will mostly have to depend on my family life. I will not sacrifice their needs above my own personal goals. Their lives mean so much to me and I want to always be there for them when they need me and when I can be. My mom started her own business so that she could support us and be at home for us when we needed her. I admire her strength so much. One of my goals for this week was to call a friend I don't contact enough and go out with her. We had a great time today. Simple but beautiful. I felt like when we were young wild ones again, except a tamer, mom-type version.
Here's our babies at Lego Land, MN. What a blast!