Monday, March 31, 2008

More Old Projects (really old!)

Just thought I should post some random beading events while I'm at it. Never know when I'll get to post again. These are a few projects that I did as samples way back when I was working at The Bead Monkey. They were for a display with a book about doing beading projects for the home (forgot the title of the book). The frame you see here actually made it into a video that The Bead Monkey did. I don't know if they gave me credit or not but I have the original photos of the project! I didn't get to keep the frame though because I got paid to make the sample. Also here are some cute ooolldd samples of earrings that I made entirely by hand (parts too) with wire. They were sold a long time ago either at my brother's old business or at a Christian music event that my sister in law used to sell my work at for me.

And lastly here is an old picture of me working on these beading projects at my beading table in simpler times way back at our old apartment. (pre-kid #'s 2,3, and 4)

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Morna said...

Love your beadwork!