Thursday, May 07, 2009

Back to Business

Ahhh, alas play time is over and back to being busy with school again. And just when things were starting to get a little crazy anyways, getting ready for our big trip and all. I am taking two classes online over this summer semester. That means I have to tuck away my little lappy into my luggage when we leave for Slovakia so that I can make sure to get my homework assignments in. Now I am also trying to keep our other blog updated with news about our preparations, collecting donations, filing for passports, packing and such. I still have big plans for our garden before we leave too! Last two nights I posted up some comics on eBay to make some money for our trip. I hope to get up some of my jewelry and yarn also and hopefully I will actually sell something.
Today I was productive, yay. I got outside and enjoyed the warmth and sun while repotting my humble collection of orchids. I have a Dendrobium, Catalaya (with lots of new plants on it), two phaeleonopsis, a paphopedelum, and an oncindium. Whew that was a mouthful! I love orchids. Although I am not the greatest at keeping them properly humid like. Did you know that orchids (family Orchidaceaeare) are the largest family of flowers in the world. It's true, check it out sometime. There are even tons native to North America!
Okay so I have a tendency to ramble on sometimes... I also checked on the garden, things are sprouting up nicely, then my sister-in-law came over and we beaded. Fun. The kids all played out in the back yard, all seven of them. We made a really cute hair clip for her neice and then had to make up another one when she sent us a picture of the prom dress and it was a different color than we anticipated. So two nice hair clips actually. Here is my conception of Cobalt Blue, which is apparently different from the dress designers envisioning of the color: mine theirs
and here is the end result after remaking:
modeled by my lovely Susanna.