Monday, December 24, 2012

Special Present

  This lovely gift was made using some luscious angora yarn that I hand dyed and hand spun. The fiber came from my senior buck Satin Angora named Thunder. He has been a faithful, well-loved fiber producer over the years and his wool spins up like a dream. I also get really nice subtle hues when I dye it. 


  The button is from Jennie The Potter who is a local potter that makes lovely mugs, buttons, yarn bowls and other fabulous items. I made up the pattern just for this lovely yarn and am not sure yet if I will post it or not. If anyone is interested in having it I may write it up. The cowl is ever so slightly ruffly and is knit from the middle down and then stitches are picked up to knit the top. After sewing in the ends I added a length of yarn sewn through the middle for the scarf to slide along allowing the wearer to bunch it up here or there if they choose.

Originally I made this very special gift for my dear sweet sister but she is so graciously allowing me to gift it to my aunt who is in town for Christmas. Thanks Yeshie! You are the BEST and I love you sooo much!

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