Saturday, December 03, 2011

Oh yeah it's go time! I have been visiting Ravelry almost every day and am so inspired by all of the beautiful things I see people knitting, spinning and crocheting. The result: I feel like I should be knitting 95 mph to make mouth watering gifts for all my loved ones before Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yay. But seriously, where has 2011 gone? Sometimes I still feel like it's 199... something.
Ok, well I am going to make my first New Years resolution now. First I promise to blog at least once a month, and... (ok so I will make a couple) to check Ravelry at least once a week. Other things that are on my mind are more yarns spun and fleeces and yarns dyed. Also I wish that I could do some paper crafty things. Any ideas? Still one of my favorite places in Minneapolis is MCBA, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I had a couple of classes there and absolutely love papermaking and embellishing. We also went there for a field trip when I was taking my bookmaking class.
 I am participating in a swap. It's my first time and I think not too hard. We have to make Christmas cards to swap with several other people. This is a good idea because we could all use some fun mail in our box these days and we spread some lovely holiday cheer. Lastly we receive some holiday cheer in return. Lovely handmade Christmas cards shall be displayed presently.
Meanwhile I dug up some pictures that I found of several of my handspuns and dyed for your entertainment.
Camel Silk

Angora from Thunder and Lightning

Hand dyed from Thunder

A dolly I made for Sammira

I'm always buried in crafts!

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