Saturday, December 17, 2011

 I cut off all of my daughter's hair today. Wow, I have been threatening to do it for a long time and today I followed through. Both Rasty and I always tell her that if she doesn't start brushing her hair everyday that we are going to chop it off. Today she was whining and complaining about it when I asked her to brush it, finally I said that I would brush it for her, and she whined and complained even more and so I said, "that's it!" I went and got the hair scissors from the closet, came back and grabbed her hair into a ponytail and then just chopped it off.
This was the length of the girls's hair at Halloween

 Neither my husband nor I could believe that I did it and Susanna was so stunned that she couldn't say anything. Later I felt a little bad and saw that she was holding back tears, but she and her little sister Mariana both learned a lesson from it. After lunch Mariana didn't make a peep when I asked her to brush her hair. Later she was a little jealous though so I gave her a little hair trim as well. Ah well, I love my daughters, and I think that this will make all of our lives a little easier now... ;)

After the chop
So yeah, I'm a frazzled mommie sometimes but in the end it all worked out and the girls were happy with their new haircuts. When papa came home later he wasn't that freaked out to see how nice they turned out either. The girls posed by our half-way decorated tree for me and Susanna wanted to make sure that we got some views of the back.

Papa and the birds

Oh and just to find some peace at the end of it all I finally frogged a few more zombie knitting.... I don't even remember the last time I worked on some of these. It's been years at least. Check them out at Ravelry, my username is riamiabead of course.

We're all good

Frazzled Mommie

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