Monday, August 25, 2014

At the end of May we had a special delivery; it was a small box that was loudly peeping. Yes we were bit by the chicken bug and decided that it was time to have several of our own. Even though we live within the city borders we researched on line and found out that we could have up to two chickens without a permit but absolutely no roosters. We bought four little ladies and a permit. Since we live in Minnesota I double checked to make sure that the breeds we purchased were cold hardy and bred to be especially good layers of plump, large brown eggs (except one who is an Easter Egger and can turn up laying green, blue, yellow or pink tinted eggs. Not all but just one of those colors.) One of the chicks was to be a surprise breed of brown layers. She turned out to be a white hen but I am still not quite sure which type she is, it will probably be more obvious as she continues to mature. I have narrowed it down and believe her to be a White Plymouth Rock. She has the thicker yellow legs and shall be a brown layer. The others are an Easter Egger, Partridge Cochin and a lovely little black Australorp.

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