Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Not much today... still trying to get used to something new. I taught a class yesterday. It was one of my own designs, a bracelet. I call it Hugs and Kisses because it has a xoxo pattern. Cute, neh? There are two versions: I still need to work on several new designs for future classes. This summer I am teaching my old but fab class; Maria's Classy Cuff. If you'd like to see The Bead Monkey class schedule and a picture of my cuff bracelets you can check out their website: I currently have three different classes, all my own design of course, Maria's Classy Cuff, Hugs and Kisses, and Spangles. (uh, I didn't name that last one... not my idea) Anyways they are all totally cute. (I love beads)

Yarn notes: working on a cute as can be shawl for my sis and starting an adorable stripey big funky hair doll for my nephew. I'll post the finished pics.

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